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The International Society for the Study of Archaeoacoustics invites you to propose your material in the form of a video of 10 to 14 minutes duration, just like a short conference presentation!   Content guidelines are below. 

Please don’t send videos yet.  They won't be downloaded by anyone until cleared.  Send your 150-word maximum description, like an abstract, to:  (This is the description text that will appear with your accepted video on upload.)  We’ll let you know how to proceed from there.  Turn-around time for review will be very fast: generally no more than 5 business days. 

Content Guidelines

 Archaeoacoustics is the use of acoustical study as a methodological approach within the field of Archaeology. Our purpose is to present information for those wishing to examine the multi-disciplinary study of sound in ancient ritual, ceremonial,​ cultural and performance spaces ​and the human experience.  We also welcome engaging illustrations of the application of archaeoacoustics to contemporary learning, if the link is clearly presented.

Both your description and your content material must address all three aspects of  1.) sound, 2.) context of place or specific space (natural or built) and 3.) antiquity (pre-industrial).  Multiple submissions will be considered if they demonstrate sufficient variety in content. 

Videos that are accepted for upload to the Channel will be edited only by the addition of a title to identify it as part of the ISSArchaeoacoustics Channel collection, and a closing that references the website.   You retain all rights and can post your original video to your own website or wherever you like, but remember that all the material needs to be yours!  Video and photos must either be taken by you or you must have permission to use them.  Any narration must be in English and should be by you.  A performance release/copyright liability waiver form and further instructions will be provided once your submission is accepted and must be signed before your material can be uploaded. 

All accepted Contributors/Authors/Producers enjoy complimentary membership in the International Society for the Study of Archaeoacoustics.  Membership will include access to and possible participation in a program of live on-line interviews, discussions and exclusive features.  This program is currently in development.


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